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The international tour operator "Zima Tur", the registration number of the tour operator PTO 017342, was founded on July 15, 2015 with a specialization in the sale of all kinds of tours to France.

The wide popularity in the French circles and the long personal experience of the general director Elena Zimina, as well as membership in the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, helped the company "Zima Tur" in the first year of its existence to become the official Russian representative office of the French host company Escapade Voyage.

Thanks to the loyalty of permanent agencies, the range of countries offered by the company has rapidly and noticeably expanded. In this connection, the company was joined by some of the best specialists in Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Maldives, USA, Austria, Germany, Italy mountain skiing, sea cruises, etc. Since then, in addition to the organization of classical tours and services, the tour operator "Zima Tur"  began to register business and thematic delegations to Germany, France, Switzerland, Montenegro, Great Britain and other countries.

Since 2018, the company has expanded its range of services for booking children's summer holidays and guaranteed flights to Bulgaria and Montenegro, issuing visas to the Schengen countries. In the spring of the same year an additional office was opened in the center of Moscow to provide concierge services to discerning customers.

To date, the company has about 20 experienced professionals around the world. The main clients of the company are travel agencies of Russia and the near abroad, as well as restaurants and popular TV channels.

The company on a regular basis is a regular participant of leading Moscow and international tourist exhibitions. Which facilitates the signing of direct contracts with the best hotels and service providers.

The main priority for the "Zima Tur" is the absolute care for agencies and their clients. Impressive experience and constant adherence to modern trends helps an increasing number of clients of the company to plunge into the happy world of travel on better terms and at the best prices.

Head office: Russia, 127055 Moscow, Sushchevskaya street, 19/4, office 302.


e-mail info@zima-tur.ru 

phone +7 (495) 150-34-67

from Monday to Friday

from 10:00 till 19:00

If you speak:

English — Andrey Kozlov, Irina Gavrilova, Svetlana Semenova, Mariana Mordasova

Francais — Elena Zimina, Gala Pokrevskaya